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Download: Apple II Forever  Apple II Forever
» 4.0 MiB - 5,705 hits - 13 May 2008
First heard publicly during the //c introduction at Moscone Center, April 24th, 1984. There was so much excitement, the earth shook that afternoon. A Grand California welcome measuring 6.2 affirmed that the Apple //c was here.

Download: Apple IIgs Demonstration Disk - Intro Music  Apple IIgs Demonstration Disk - Intro Music
» 535.6 KiB - 5,437 hits - 11 May 2008
This is the introduction from the original Apple IIgs Demonstration Disk - a two-disk set supplied to Apple dealers with the introduction of the IIgs. This is the only music contained on this disk. It plays at the beginning and end of the demonstration sequence. On a IIgs with a stereo output this will play on the one channel only. For purposes of recording here, both channels were combined. The inbuilt speaker and headphone connectors represent a mono/combined signal on the IIgs. Only the Mark Twain IIgs had true inbuilt stereo.

Download: Apple IIgs System Beeps  Apple IIgs System Beeps
» 53.6 KiB - 1,094 hits - 27 August 2008
One wav. file of each step in the control panel pitch setting.

Download: Arkanoid II - Game play audio  Arkanoid II - Game play audio
» 1.6 MiB - 5,151 hits - 13 May 2008
A game played in Arkanoid II.

Download: California Games IIgs Edition  California Games IIgs Edition
» 2.0 MiB - 4,184 hits - 13 May 2008
The splash screen audio from Epyx's California Games for the IIgs

Download: Introducing the Apple IIgs  Introducing the Apple IIgs
» 49.9 KiB - 3,436 hits - 11 May 2008
This is the vocal announcement from the Apple IIgs Demonstration Disk - it is simply a female voice reciting "Introducing the Apple IIgs"

Download: Secret of Monkey Island Demo - Complete Audio  Secret of Monkey Island Demo - Complete Audio
» 5.1 MiB - 4,209 hits - 13 May 2008
The Secret of Monkey Island Demo - Part One, was a demo that was released about the time Sierra (On-Line) made the announcement of discontinuing Apple II software. DadoPado, of FTA fame, put this together. The demo consists of three parts. TSOMI title page, with audio track, a central track and a mock "interview" with Ken Williams. This piece contains all three audio tracks.

Download: The Bards Tale - IIgs - Opening Soundtrack  The Bards Tale - IIgs - Opening Soundtrack
» 1.9 MiB - 3,475 hits - 13 May 2008
This is left channel only. Sorry. Thats the way the game is, like many other titles. I did not realize it and missed mixing the two ahead of time.