Site Optimization & Recent Updates

I put the finishing touches on some updates and upgrades, mostly behind the scenes, but some content has been modified and clarified as well. The MediaWiki installation was updated recently, and the themed font display has been changed fully to CSS3’s @font-face instead of using the hard-coded graphic generator. This is much friendlier to mobile devices, search engines and most important of all, the web server loads.

These changes have been applied to both the A2-Reference Wiki and the WordPress content. As always, if you have any suggestions for new additions, both expanding on whats here already and things you might like to see, drop a line using the contact form.

We’re working on an Apple II Registry database where you’ll be able to submit your hardware details, and we’ll have have an optional live map showing where the submissions come from if you so desire to contribute your general location too! More will be posted about this later..

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